1. I live only 20 minutes south of Philly and I can tell you now after seeing these pictures that I need to get to the city of Brotherly Love more often. I was just there last week to visit a friend with an amazing apartment overlooking the city and it was so amazing! Looks like you had a great trip. Love your photos!

    • pensivepalindrome

      Thanks so much, I’m glad my post reminded you what a great city it is! There’s definitely some great views of the city as well whether rooftop apartments, bars, etc. You can get a great skyline view from the top of the PSFS building too, you just take the elevator up (I believe it’s still open to the public, I went a year or two ago.)

  2. Chastity

    I live very close to it but only hung out there twice in my life. It was cool it wasn’t super exciting but that was so many years ago. I would love to go to the Reading Terminal you can find so many amazing and delicious foods at the Amish markets 😋 Thanks for sharing and glad you enjoyed your 48 hours there.

    • pensivepalindrome

      Haha the Amish food is to die for at Reading Terminal. I love the pretzels there…I think they’re actually voted one of the 100 foods you must eat before you die or something like that. And thanks I’m glad you enjoyed!

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