• pensivepalindrome

      If you are a foodie, Barcelona should definitely be a destination on your bucket list 🙂 I just came back from a week there and loved it- the food scene is amazing. thanks for reading!

    • pensivepalindrome

      Thank you for your lovely comment! The food really was even more delicious than it looked in person, and it was lots of fun to actually make it ourselves as an added twist

  1. Deliciousness!!! Gosh…What a fantastic experience!!! That is something I would get on board with FAST, lol. My son and I love to cook and this must’ve been such a fun thing to do together with your mom 😉 – Cori

  2. This looks SO fun. Cooking classes while travelling are one of my favourite ways to learn about a country’s cuisine! Can’t believe I’ve been to Spain so many times and am only now learning about the difference serrano and iberico ham – I just knew that iberico was more expensive and had a stronger taste!

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