1. I wish the same.. Not single guys are not out of the game but they are trying to make better and same with girls… So guys don’t fuzz more about college relationships because it’s just time pass

  2. I’ve had a similar experience. Everyone always talks about college hookup culture as if people just hang out or hook up and no one knows if it’s a relationship, casual, etc. That wasn’t my experience at all with my last boyfriend. He asked me out on a DATE. We were clear when we became official. We were committed for a long time. There was no hooking up, friends with benefits, nothing… Relationships definitely don’t hinder a college experience. In fact, mine greatly added to it. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Exactly! I mean there always will be casually dating/hookup culture at our age but many people date in the more traditional sense as well, as in our experiences. Thanks for sharing <3 It's always refreshing to hear people who find relationships can add to college and not just the doubters

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