1. Wow, Beauty Pie is a very cool idea. For $10/month, you get to pick ~$100 worth of makeup? – Hell yeahhh. But of course, like you said, since it’s new, there isn’t much yet. I definitely want to give this a go once it’s more established and carrying more brands/products. Thanks for sharing!

    • pensivepalindrome

      Yeah it’s such an interesting concept but it definitely saves the consumer money! It costs $10/month for the subscription + whatever the products cost but each one cost no more than like $3 at most. They do have brow and mascara products I want to try next, I’ll post that up once I order and try them. You’re welcome 🙂 Always gotta stay alert with all things beauty haha.

    • pensivepalindrome

      Thank you so much! Yes, beautypie is definitely an interesting concept to bring to the world of makeup

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