• pensivepalindrome

      Yes! Honestly over an eyeshadow primer (which I pretty much wear anyway by force of habit) they last a good 7 hours or so. The pigmentation and metallic colors are just too beautiful to resist 🙂

      • I’m loving the sparkly ones because they often don’t look like glitter on the eyes, they just brighten them up. I have to say I have never bought an eyeshadow primer in my life!! I have to try it I know.

        • pensivepalindrome

          Yes! I think they sparkly ones are really nice because they aren’t super chunky or over the top glittery. What eyeshadows do you find very long lasting without a primer? I always wear a primer by default. My favorite is Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance but I’ve heard they’ve come out with good drugstore ones too 🙂

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