1. I loved reading this whole post! You are so lucky to have traveled to so many places this year-Im jealous!!! And I completely sympathize with you about school. Undergrad was hard for me too and now that Im in grad school, its even harder. Yay youre graduating in the Spring!!! So exciting!!! Don’t stress out too much about getting a job right after but I do suggest not waiting until the last minute to look for a job. Start job searching in mid March/April. With interviews and paperwork, it’ll be perfect if you want to start work as soon as you graduate.

    • pensivepalindrome

      Aw thanks for reading! What are you studying in grad school now? All good advice about the March/April timeline 🙂 But yes graduation is very exciting to think about– all the hard work will hopefully pay off! & yess it was a wonderful opportunity to travel, I did a summer study abroadd

  2. I enjoyed reading your well thought reflections and goals! ‘Adulting’ real hard! It’s crazy how time flies. Most of your goals are on mine list too! Especially with investing, trying something new, and of course blogging especially I’m still fairly new to the blogging world!

    • pensivepalindrome

      Thank you so much! And I know, time truly flies. It’s exciting bur nerve wracking at the same time. Good luck in 2017 with your goals, and welcome to blogging 🙂

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